Rafa Bucket Hat

£22.80 £12.00

Our Rafa Hats are the latest version of the El Jefe and Howay The Lads Bucket Hats we’ve made previously. People liked both so much we combined the two, into one reversible hat. We changed the name as the inspiration for the Howay The Lads hat was in part a photograph of Dennis from Auf Weidersehen Pet wearing a similar hat. Dennis being the gaffer we thought Rafa was the name for the Spanish side, two leaders of men!

PLEASE NOTE: There are occasional marks on some of the white parts of the hat. These should wash out. It’s not on all hats just some, hence the reduction in price for all.

There are 4 sizes, please choose carefully! We’ve only made a limited number of them so they will be sought after! There is a size chart below for you information.

The hats are made from synthetic materials.


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